Advanced Physical Intervention

In 2019/2020 there were nearly 700,000 reported incidents of workplace violence, with almost half of them being attributed to physical assault. 12% of those were categorised as serious assaults, such as stabbings, broken bones and head injuries.

Violence in the workplace is an epidemic that is steadily getting worse in the UK and with dwindling Police numbers, Security Staff are expected to deal with the bulk of these incidents and keep their clients and customers safe.

Learning safe and effective Physical Intervention skills is essential if your Risk Assessment concludes that you are likely to encounter any form of Violence or Aggression. This means learning a system that is fit for purpose, legally defensible and pressure tested by experts.

Safety is the number 1 concern and we will teach you techniques that not only ensure your safety, but that of your customers and the subject you are dealing with

My Attacker made their choice, why should I care about their safety?

The person you may need to restrain wasn’t born fully grown, and you weren’t the first person they met that day, they had an entire life leading up to that moment. Have you ever done something you regretted later? Did you deserve to die because of it?

Physical Intervention can lead to serious harm and even DEATH if not done properly, and serious consideration for all parties involved, including the subject, should be part of any Risk Assessment. You can’t see the future, but with proper preparation and good training, you can be prepared for anything.

I’ve done a few Ju Jitsu tournaments. So I’m ok

Yeah maybe, but in Combat Sports you have a referee who controls everything and stops you from killing someone or being killed by them. Who is going to stop you when fear makes you cling on to them?

We are proud to be fully qualified Physical Intervention Instructors, trained by the UKs leading Personal Safety Organisation, the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS). NFPS is the only organisation in the UK that actively researches and evolves it’s content and has it’s system legally and medically reviewed.

After more than 30 years in the Martial Arts and training with the world’s leading instructors in more than 20 different arts, Steve knew that it was important to associate himself with a leading organisation. We are registered members of the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association, which requires a comprehensive vetting process which is annually reviewed. This, hopefully, gives learners the confidence that we have the very best to offer.

As well as being members of those two great organisations, we are fully insured, Enhanced DBS checked, Safeguarding trained and qualified, Prevent Duty Qualified, Counter Terrorism Trained and Active First Aid Trained.

You can check all of this, any time, by clicking HERE.

Once I’ve done this course will I be fully trained?

In our opinion, nobody is ever FULLY trained. There is always more to learn and you should treat your brain like a child, keep it safe and feed it regularly. The Advanced Physical Intervention course is a fantastic stepping stone that builds on the content in the SIA courses, which is designed around dealing with intoxicated people, not necessarily violence. We take those key legal principles and develop them to give Operators a tool box of skills that can be adapted for any environment. There are lots of other things you can do to improve your skill set

  • Undertake further training, such as the Mechanical Restraints Course
  • Read Court documents and Coroner reports about incidents of Physical Intervention
  • Train as a team, drill skills and develop safe ways of working
  • Liaise with local authorities and attend meetings
  • Refresh skills every year by attending courses and doing E-Learning

I have already done this course and need an annual refresher but I can’t make any of the dates

There are lots of options available. Attending open group classes that are on the Course Calendar is by far the best way to train, but if that doesn’t work for you then we can offer 1:1 training sessions with you, small group sessions for your teams or skills update workshops and legal briefings to work around shift patterns. There is always an option, so just get in touch on