Mechanical Restraint Training

Having excellent Physical Intervention Skills is an absolute no-brainer for almost everybody working in the Security Industry, because it’s vital that front line staff are keeping themselves safe, and keeping their customers safe. Having said that, you can be the best trained in the room and if you end up having to detain someone for a long time, and that means Physically Restricting their movements, then you are going to experience fatigue, and that fatigue is going to lead to adjustment and ultimately someone is going to get hurt.

The only way to physically restrict someone and remove almost all risk of further injury to them and you, whilst simultaneously reducing their ability to escape or evade, is to use mechanical restraints. Safely, and professionally applied, Mechanical Restraints can give someone the space they need to calm down, prevent soft tissue or joint damage caused by too much pressure being applied to a hold, and greatly reduce the chances of the subject experiencing Positional Asphyxia.

Do Handcuffs completely remove the risk of injury?

Absolutely not. There is still a risk of injury to the hands and wrists, elbows and rotator cuffs for example, if the equipment is not properly applied by gaining positive control of the subject prior to application.

Only the Police are allowed to carry Handcuffs

That’s a direct quote from a Police Officer. It’s not true! Anybody can legally carry and use Handcuffs in the UK, they are a piece of work equipment and a Use of Force option. However, because they are a piece of work equipment, they are subject to other laws, such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), which states that, among other things, they should be “used only by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training”. This course fulfills that requirement.



Handcuffs won’t work in my Workplace

We work with the very best people from all over the world to source restraint equipment that is the best, most adaptable and efficient. We can create bespoke training for your workplace and your specific service needs.

Do we have to be Handcuff trained to use everything else?

Ideally, yes. as the handcuffing course covers the very basic principles of control and restraint which then map over into everything else

This video is a compilation taken from a day training security staff