Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety

This 3 hour course was designed by Steve Petter specifically for the purpose of giving front-line staff the confidence to recognize, respond to and manage aggression in the work-place.

More than a quarter of a million people were victims of work-place violence in the last study by the HSE, 38% of which resulted in an injury.

As an employer, can you afford NOT to provide your staff with training to help reduce the likelihood that they will be injured as a result of violence in the work-place?

Our workshop can be delivered to your staff at your place of business, at a time suitable for your staff, and will give them the skills to confidently engage with customers and recognize signs of aggression which will enable them to respond appropriately.

The workshop is set out in 4 modules which cover the fundamental skills to support staff in managing potentially violent and aggressive interactions with Customers. It allows for the growth of primary observation and communication skills with emphasis being on responding to the aggressors behavior with the correct level of action.

Contact us today to find out more about the workshop and how we can help your staff feel safe and secure while serving your customers.