Meditation, Mindfulness and Energy

The stresses and strains of life can be overwhelming, or sometimes your Physical Health can slow you down. Mental and Physical Health are linked through the flow of natural energy and your connection to the world around you. Improving this connection can ultimately improve your health.

Is it Magic or Witchcraft? No! It is Health through understanding of the natural world around you, awareness of your own energetic field and visualization. We can help you find alignment and connect you to a greater universe full of life and energy.

Chi Gung

Chi Gung is a method of relaxation and mindfulness that utilizes movement of the body coupled with breathing to manage and manipulate the flow of Chi Energy through and around the body.

Chi Gung can be used for a range of health applications and can increase vitality and general well-being. Here at Be the Best Today, we use Chi Gung to help support mental and emotional focus by building positive energy and removing negative energy.

We have a number of tailored Chi Gung programs that can be purchased directly or we can develop a bespoke package for your needs. We specialize in managing workplace stress and helping parents/carers. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Crystals have been used for thousands of years to help increase and regulate the flow of energy within and around people and places. Crystals can be used to manipulate the flow of natural energy for a multitude of different circumstances dependent on the structure and composition of the crystals itself.

Through consultation, our Crystal Master will be able to choose the right crystals for your desired outcome, that will resonate with the natural harmonics around you and bring positive energy into your life.

You can choose the package that is right for you, our Crystal Master can perform Crystal Healing sessions in person or distance healing sessions and they can issue you with a Crystal Prescription which will tell you what you need and what to do with them, you can choose to purchase these through us or take your prescription elsewhere.

Crystals can be used as ad hoc support for specific issues, or more commonly, they can be introduced into your daily routines and your home for life-long success.


Reiki is a process by which one of our Reiki Masters helps you by channeling positive energy into your body. This works in a similar way to Chi Gung, however, is often used when a person is unable to channel the energy themselves.

Reiki can be used to help with a number of Mental and Emotional conditions, either as a one-off boost or as a series of sessions to gradually build the energy.

At Be The Best Today we use Reiki to balance and support the whole energy infrastructure of an individual and not to “heal” physical ailments specifically. We conduct ourselves in the belief that balancing energy, along with changes in life-style, can lead to a healthier body and the reduction of some physical ailments.

People experiencing sever physical health problems are encouraged to seek advice from their GP

Tarot Cards

The reading of Tarot Cards is an old form of Cartomancy (divination using cards) that draws on the interpretation of cards from a deck to answers questions about the past, present and/or future.

Our experienced Tarot readers are able to offer you a reading based on specific questions or aspect of your life that you are struggling with or may need support with. They will produce a detailed report explaining the meaning of what has been pulled, what may be inferred from this, and suggestions for you on further investigations or actions.

For more complex situations, you may wish to have a face to face session with our Tarot Reader who will guide you through the process of using Tarot to explore many aspects of your life, as many famous leaders have in history.

Spiritual Life Coaching

You may feel like you have your business life all sewn up and that things couldn’t be better, or you may feel that you are struggling to keep all the plates spinning. Either way, spiritual life coaching can help you to find a sense of purpose, direction and peace.

Learn to quiet your mind and your soul by letting us help you to connect to a wider universe and discover parts of you that have laid unseen.

Life Skills Coaching

You may be the very best at what you do, but if you lack the skills and confidence to communicate effectively then you may not be operating to you full potential.

We can help develop your communication skills, help you to develop healthy routines, and guide you to developing a winning mindset