Chi Gung

Chi Gung (or QiGong) is an ancient method of Soft (Internal) Martial Arts that focuses on the cultivation of energy throughout and around the body. It involves utilizing a combination of body movements and focused breathing coupled with meditation and visualization to manipulate the energy field.

Experienced Chi Gung practitioners can focus their energy to improve physical wellness, with reports of huge health benefits for people who practice regularly and who can attain the right mental focus. There is no right path for everybody, and depending on what you want to achieve and how much time you can dedicate to your practice, the results will vary but they will always be positive.

Lineage and Legacy

Many of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts are dictated by the lineage that they follow, this is the line of instructors who taught the subject originally and how close the Instructor teaching now is to the original Master.

The Chi Gung taught be the Coaches at Be The Best Today is not connected by lineage to any specific Instructor, however, the coaches here are all traditional Martial Arts practitioners and have respect for the Legacy of the art and the culture of the people who gave it to the world.

For us, Martial Arts is about self discovery, the process of walking a path and making each step count. Some people follow a path already laid down by others, some start on a well trodden path and then discover their own way, whilst some bravely fight their way through the bushes and branches to forge a new path. There is no right Way, there is only the journey and the importance of every step moving forwards.

At Be The Best Today, we offer a range of courses designed specifically to have a positive impact on your mind and your emotions by teaching you how to harness your own energy field, manipulate that around you and ultimately find peace in your own body. Although we do not offer consultancy for physical ailments, we do recognize the beneficial effect that mindfulness can have on the physical body.

You can see a range of courses below to get you started, or you can fill in the contact form and let us know what you are after. We offer bespoke workshops, one to one training and coaching as well as tips to help you find focus where it is needed.