Crystals are a powerful conduit for energy and used correctly can help support you in all areas of your life. Our Crystal Healing services are brought to you by Jenni at Crystal Tidings, a Crystal and Energy Master with more than 20 years experience in supporting people with their energetic needs.

Crystal Prescriptions

Crystal Prescriptions give you a window to intuitive healing using Crystal Energy without the need for consultations or periodic sessions.

With help and support from our accredited Crystal Masters, we can give you an insight into the vast world of Crystal healings by advising you on which Crystals would enhance your life and even where to use them.

Our partner, Crystal Tidings, provides the best in intuitive healing, working with you to achieve all your physical, spiritual and emotional goals.

Crystal Healing

Our partner, Crystal Tidings, will work with you to use the power of crystals to connect you to the vast spiritual energy of the universe and align your energy for better health, well-being, prosperity and abundance.

After initial consultation, our Crystal Master will work with you in healing sessions, either distance or in person, to achieve your personal goals.

Book a consultation today and see how the power of crystals can bring you the harmony you have been dreaming of.