Venue Standards Policy

The quality of training provided by Be The Best Today Ltd is directly affected by the Environment that the learners are situated in. As a responsible organisation, Be The Best Ltd is committed to ensuring that all courses, workshops and classes are open and accessible to the greater public regardless of their race, gender, age, social status, religious conviction or physical ability, so far as reasonably practicable.

When selecting us to provide your training, it is your responsibility to ensure that the venue we are expected to provide the training in, conforms to the standards set out below. In the event that a venue is deemed not to meet the standards, the course will be cancelled with no option of refunds available. The venue standards include, but are not limited to, this list and Be The Best Today Ltd reserves the right to amend the list without prior notification.


  1. The venue must have adequate seating for the entire Maximum delegate number indicated on the course information. This seating must meet European safety standards with regard to weight bearing, height and support.
  2. Each chair must be situated at a table or writing space which enables the participant to view the presentation head on without twisting or bending.
  3. Where there is physical skills training involved (which is indicated on the course specification) there must be, in addition to the seating, an open area of flooring with at least 2 meters squared per delegate (24 meters squared in total for a course of 12) free of obstructions and without the need to move tables or chairs. (this space may be in a separate location which is reasonably close for participants to walk to without unusual or unnecessary risks)
  4. Fire exits must be clearly marked and a clear fire evacuation plan should be present either on the wall or available for all delegates to view.
  5. The floor should be even with no holes, cracks or bulges
  6. The building should have adequate access for wheelchair users and delegates with wheelchairs should be able to navigate the building and use such facilities as other delegates without prejudice.
  7. There should be either separate male and female toilets, or a communal toilet with lockable door. There should be an accessible toilet.
  8. The room should have adequate temperature controls so that a constant temperature can be maintained all year round.
  9. There should be adequate electrical outlets for Instructors to plug in Laptops and Visual equipment
  10. There should be adequate control over natural lighting to prevent glare and discomfort. Equally there should be adequate control of unnatural lighting to ensure good visibility.
  11. There should be no excessive extraneous noise coming from within or outside the building. This includes service equipment such as generators or air conditioning.
  12. Details of a member of staff who can be contacted in the event of any problems, before or after the course, should be provided at least 24 hours prior to the start time

Out of House Venues

In the event that you do not have a venue that meets the standards above, Be The Best Ltd will endeavor to secure a suitable location for the course. We agree to be held to the following commitments

  1. The venue selected shall conform to the standards mentioned above
  2. The venue shall be in a reasonable geographic location to the clients business address
  3. The client will pay for the venue and any extras that they wish to provide such as refreshments. This will either be paid by the client directly or Be The Best Ltd will pay the balance and an invoice raised to the client which is payable before the commencement of the course. Non payment will result in cancellation of the course and forfeiture of any payments made.
  4. Any costs relating to meeting the standards above are to be met be the client

Be The Best Today Ltd is committed to the safety of all participants and therefore reserve the right to cancel, postpone or terminate any training where the instructor believes there is a risk to the Health an Safety of participants, Instructors or members of the public.

The above policy is given in addition to the Terms and Conditions of service. Full written terms are available on request.