Advanced Physical Intervention


Physical Intervention

Physical Intervention is a system of skills deployed by Operators who routinely come in to contact with violence and aggression as part of their duties, enabling them to reduce the risk of injury to themselves or their subject.

Physical Intervention skills should be designed to balance the risk posed by a subject and their actions against the risk of harm to them as a result of the intervention. Our system of Physical Intervention is designed to be safely and effectively deployed under intense emotional pressure, whilst also being completely legally defensible.

In this 1-day course we will build on the skills you have already attained through operational experience or attending another course, such as an SIA Door Supervisor licence-linked course or our own Basic Physical Intervention course. You will learn high level Breakaway, Restraint and Distraction techniques designed to physically intervene with a subject displaying extreme violence and aggression.

Who is the course for?

Any Operator who, as part of their duties, has cause to use restraint in planned or unplanned interventions against aggressive subjects.

As a business leader, you would have carried out Risk Assessments relating to the operations of your staff and if those assessments have identified a high likelihood that Operators will be required to secure violent and aggressive subjects, then you should support them by procuring high quality, effective and fit for purpose training to aid them in their duties.

Are you unsure if your staff require annual refreshers for their skills? Watch this video to see why refreshing skills is so important.

Who are we?

Professional Training and Development consultants with more than 20 years front line experience in the management of violent subjects across a broad spectrum of sectors, including Security, Healthcare and Enforcement.

Further Training

Learners who complete this training will be well placed to attend our Safe and Effective use of Mechanical Restraints course.


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