Physical Intervention and Handcuffing Combined


Physical Intervention

Physical Intervention is a system of skills deployed by Operators who routinely come in to contact with violence and aggression as part of their duties, enabling them to reduce the risk of injury to themselves or their subject.

Physical Intervention skills should be designed to balance the risk posed by a subject and their actions against the risk of harm to them as a result of the intervention. Our system of Physical Intervention is designed to be safely and effectively deployed under intense emotional pressure, whilst also being completely legally defensible.

Mechanical Restraints

The use, and in some cases misuse, of Mechanical Restraints is an emotive subject and it absolutely should be because there can be no doubt as to the potential Physical and Emotional harm that being restrained against your will can cause. Having said that, it is clear that the use of Mechanical Restraints in place of using Physical Force alone, can greatly reduce the risk of injury to both the Operator and the Subject when used correctly and in line with all current guidance and legislation.

This Course

This course combines our very popular Advanced Physical Intervention and Safe Use of Mechanical Restraints courses for staff who have only limited experience of Physical Intervention and require Handcuff training. By purchasing the two courses as a bundle you save 10%.

Who is the course for?

Any Operator who, as part of their duties, has cause to use restraint in planned or unplanned interventions against aggressive subjects and is required to secure that subject for a period of time to prevent them escaping, injuring themselves or injuring someone else.

As a business leader, you would have carried out Risk Assessments relating to the operations of your staff and if those assessments have identified a high likelihood that Operators will be required to secure violent and aggressive subjects for a period of time then you should support them by procuring high quality, effective and fit for purpose training to aid them in their duties.

Who are we?

Professional Training and Development consultants with more than 20 years front line experience in the management of violent subjects across a broad spectrum of sectors, including Security, Healthcare


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