Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be defined as a perceived incompatibility of ideas and/or opinions between two persons or groups.

This Conflict can take many forms so here at Be The Best Today we can tailor our Conflict Resolution package to suit the needs of you and the environment you are in.

We also have a standard Conflict Resolution course which can be purchased directly through the website as online learning or we can deliver a 1 day course at your venue.

Physical Intervention

Workplace Violence is on the increase and their is a responsibility in law for employers to ensure their staff are prepared for the risks they face. If you are self employed then you should take steps to protect yourself at work or you may face losing important revenue due to injury.

We deliver Control and Restraint, Breakaway, Handcuffs, ERB and SafetyStretcher training for a variety of settings.

If you are unsure of what you need to comply with the law, we can carry out a Risk Assessment at your premises with recommendations.

First Aid at Work

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act employers have a responsibility to ensure that there are a sufficient number of staff trained in first aid. If you are Self Employed then you should have a valid first aid certificate.

Here at Be The Best Today we can carry out a First Aid Risk Assessment that will tell you what you need. You can then book your First Aid courses through us or take that Risk Assessment somewhere else.

We offer all forms of First Aid at Work, from Basic Life Support and AED to the Full First Aid at Work Qualification.

First Aid for Mental Health

Mental Health is recognized by the Health and Safety executive as being one of the leading causes of workplace sickness in the UK. Our courses are designed to help employees and individuals support their own Mental Health and also help Managers, Service Leaders and Business Owners recognize and support the Mental Health of those they employ and the clients they have contact with.

We can deliver our standard courses or we can develop bespoke courses with case studies from your industry.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children

If your work, even if it is voluntary, brings you into contact with Vulnerable Adults and/or Children (Under 18’s) then you should have a knowledge of Safeguarding.

Safeguarding is a set of principles that promotes an environment of safety, dignity and accountability.

You can purchase our Safeguarding online course or we can come and deliver the same course face to face for better engagement of larger groups.

SIA Security

The full range of SIA Security qualifications enabling you to apply for a license from the Security Industry Authority to work in front line security. These include:

  • Level 2 Award for CCTV Operators
  • Level 2 Award for Door Supervisors
  • Level 2 Award for Security Officers
  • Level 2 Award for Spectator Safety

Secure Patient Transport

We are specially placed to be able to offer the training required to offer care and transportation to patients who are detained (or liable for detention) under the Mental Health Act.

In some cases this is referred to as “Secure” patient transport, however, we believe in a care based approach to supporting patients experiencing a Mental Health Crisis.

This course will give staff the confidence and capability to work closely with a range of patients experiencing a range of conditions

Patient Transport Service

As a non-emergancy patient transport service assistant you will provide pre and post hospital care for patients who cannot use traditional methods of travel to attend medical appointments.

We provide the full range of training required to start your journey on the ambulances and provide a high level of care to those in need

Bespoke Workshops

Whatever Industry you are in there will always be time when you will need to upskill you staff, we can make the process easy for you by researching the subject and building a bespoke workshop to your specific requirements for us to deliver for you, or for you to deliver to your staff.

Contact us today to see the many different ways that we can support you to develop the key skills of your workforce through learning and engagement