Physical Intervention

There may be times when you are called upon to manage violence and aggression in the workplace. When you have tried all the conflict resolution skills and nothing has worked, physical intervention is a set of tools designed to prevent harm by controlling the movements and actions of a violent person, with the intention of de-escalating them. This is done either with bodily force or with the use of mechanical restraints such as Hand Cuffs.

We can teach your staff how to safely and efficiently manage a violent episode whilst still maintaining the dignity of the aggressor and crucially sticking firmly within the boundaries of the law. If your Risk Assessment has identified that your staff may be subject to violence in the work place then you are duty bound to provide them with adequate information, training and supervision to ensure their safety whilst at work.

We specialise in working with established teams to improve ways of working that promote safety and best practice. Whether you are in Healthcare, Security or Enforcement, we have the background and knowledge to make your staff the very best the can be by teaching them skills that are both fit for purpose and legally defensible.

Contact us today to talk about the specific risks in your workplace and see how we can support you to create a safer and more caring environment for all.